You don't have to worry about IT any more IT management as a Service No time for IT issues or don't have the right skills in house?
Let our experienced colleagues run IT for you!
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The IT architects Learn more Don't wait until you have daily IT issues!
We optimize your IT services to fully support your business plans.
IT biztonság fejlesztése Improve IT security Learn more Your front door is protected but your back door is wide open?
Let us find the next best step to protect your data and IT systems.
Even if working from home!
Project management If there is a plan we make it happen.
With agile or traditional practices we deliver your project on-time, on-budget.
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We cover all aspects of IT management

IT assessment

We assess your IT services and it’s weak points, evaluate risks and analyse the performance of your IT team and 3rd party providers.  As a result you receive a complete list of areas that needs attention.

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Project management

Utilize the experience we gathered through many successful projects. Through agile or waterfall practices we deliver your projects, align with your colleagues and represent the interests of your company towards the suppliers.

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IT Architecture

We redesign your IT services, modify or replace applications, 3rd party contracts or the elements of the infrastructure, move it in the cloud or on premises according to your budget and business plans.

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Do you have a colleague who has the potential to become an IT manager? We create a development plan and support progress by regular coaching sessions.

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IT management service

We measure service performance, optimize operations and ensure security and availability. We manage your IT team and IT suppliers to achieve continuous improvements.

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Tender documentation

Do you intend to raise funds through a public tender? We create the technical parts of the tender documentation so you only have to take care of the company related paragraphs.

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Grow your business through IT

Unleash the full potential of your IT services with us!

According to a survey 49% of the hungarian SME’s treat digitization as low priority and only 25% of these companies invested in IT in the last 2 years. If you believe that information technology can contribute to your competitive advantage you will need professional support to manage it:

  • we manage your IT, you can focus on growing your business
  • we don’t sell products, we are independent advisers
  • our aim is to create a stable, easily manageable, continuously improving IT environment that supports your growth
  • we optimize IT costs and maximize the value of your IT investments
  • pay as you go: the amount of time spent depends on your environment. If IT needs less attention over time it means we did a good job.

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